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The Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust is committed to making good things happen in our community. Since its inception the Trust has returned over $100 million by way of grants to a range of community causes in Rotorua.

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Here you will find all the latest updates with the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust including media releases, 2016 annual report, newsletters, etc.

The Heritage Collection

Since the year 2000 the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust has been collecting and bringing home important local artworks which now represent a valuable historical record of Rotorua's artistic endeavour.

Dress for Success

6Donna Starling takes to the ironing board knowing the Dress for Success Rotorua shop will be warmer this winter thanks to a $900 grant from the Rotorua Trust.

Dress for Success has been established in Rotorua for about four years and is located at 1194 Tutanekai Street.

Kathy Hawker, who is a trustee on the board, said while the new shop is central, it does get cold in winter, so the grant will help install air conditioning.

“The air con will be good for our staff and clients, and makes everything nicer for them and more comfortable.”

A charitable trust, Dress for Success Rotorua helps to provide women clothes and the confidence and knowledge required to gain employment. The trust also runs programmes such as financial literacy for Work and Income NZ and Corrections Department clients.

A recent programme involving Employ New Zealand saw all those involved obtain employment.

More than 100 people were dressed last year, and Kathy says the women have typically been out of work for a while, often after being made redundant.