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The Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust is committed to making good things happen in our community. Since its inception the Trust has returned over $100 million by way of grants to a range of community causes in Rotorua.

Latest News and Publications

Here you will find all the latest updates with the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust including media releases, 2016 annual report, newsletters, etc.

The Heritage Collection

Since the year 2000 the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust has been collecting and bringing home important local artworks which now represent a valuable historical record of Rotorua's artistic endeavour.

Funding Guidelines

The following guidelines should help you decide whether your organisation is eligible for funding.

Funding is available for a broad range of charitable or energy related activities, projects or events which have a clear ability to improve and benefit the Rotorua District community. Grants will generally be up to $25,000.

Who Can Apply?

The Trust can make grants to any formally constituted organisation or body whether it is incorporated or not, but the organisation must not be run for private profit.  In general an organisation must be either:

  • A registered charity.
  • An incorporated society.
  • A registered charitable trust.
  • A limited liability company fully owned by one of the above and operating for charitable purposes.
  • Controlled or coordinated by an arm of central or local government.
  • Controlled by an association of persons under an adopted constitution and rules with annually audited accounts and annual reports.

Any exceptions to these general guidelines will be considered by the Trust on an individual basis.

Region Covered

An applicant’s activities must occur in the Rotorua District.

What Will Not Be Funded?

Funding will not made to organisations run for private profit; to individuals; for salaries and wages; or, for sporting activities.

Application Close-Off Dates

Applications close on the last working day of each month. Applications received by the end of each month will be considered by trustees in the following month.

Application Form

Please ensure that you have read the Trust’s ‘Funding Guidelines’ before completing a Funding Application.

Funding-Application (docx Word)

Funding-Application (PDF)

Once you have completed every question,send the application form to the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust:

By Post
P O Box 1418
Rotorua 3040
Deliver to
1358 Eruera Street

If you have any questions about the application process please call us during working hours on 07 347 6239 or email us at

Operating Costs

Operating costs are funded through a separate application process