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The Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust is committed to making good things happen in our community. Since its inception the Trust has returned over $100 million by way of grants to a range of community causes in Rotorua.

Latest News and Publications

Here you will find all the latest updates with the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust including media releases, 2016 annual report, newsletters, etc.

The Heritage Collection

Since the year 2000 the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust has been collecting and bringing home important local artworks which now represent a valuable historical record of Rotorua's artistic endeavour.

Funding Priorities


The Trustees vision for the Rotorua District is for:
A safe and vibrant district, where people are proud to live, work, invest, play and educate their families.


The Trustees mission is based very much on the Trust Deed that established the Trust and is:
To manage and enhance the assets held in trust and distribute income for the long-term benefit of the Rotorua District community.


The Trustees priorities are to support:

  • Art and Culture – activities and events that provide for participation in, and appreciation of, a range of art and cultures.
  • Community Cohesion – the ongoing sustainability of a range of community organisations, particularly those involved with youth, families, older persons and the disabled.Funding, through partnerships, will focus on working with the organisation in the community to enhance employment, self-esteem, racial harmony, personal well-being and social infrastructure.Capacity building and volunteering in the voluntary sector will also be supported in order to develop strong and lasting community organisations.
  • Community Facilities – Trustees consider that the Rotorua District is generally well provided for with community facilities.Accordingly,focus will generally be onenhancing and developing existing facilities, in conjunction with other funders, rather than developing new ones.
  • Energy – energy related projects that are consistent with the Trust Deed.
  • Education – in conjunction with central government and other agencies, programmes that address: health and other barriers to learning; parenting; truancy; level of suspensions; drop-out rates; literacy; and, numeracy. Educational achievement will also be supported and acknowledged, generally through the Trust’s scholarship programme.
  • Environment – in conjunction with other funders and agencies, initiatives that enhance the environment for the benefit of the local community.
  • Events – in conjunction with other funders, a variety of events attractive to differing sectors of the community (including non-mainstream)particularly where they lead to opportunities for economic and community development.
  • Health – in conjunction with central government and other agencies, projects that benefit the whole community by enhancing health and wellness within the district.
  • Heritage – the district has a rich heritage which Trustees seek to preserve.The Trust will continue to acquire artwork for its “Heritage Collection” of 19th, 20th and 21st century works reflecting artistic endeavour in the Rotorua District.
  • Safety – the Trust will partner with community agencies to make the district safer.